Sunday, August 21, 2005

being superficial..

I am a perfectionist... I love being one... cant say Im perfect but I try to be... same goes for my and other stuff that I put myself into... unluckily, same goes in choosing a guy... that's why I havent been with one for ages... believe it or not, My last boyfriend was in third year highschool, I am, like, 3rd yr college now... but i had a special fling or M.U ... but ofcourse. its not easy... people always say that I am too superficial to ever fall in love.. and I agree, its sad. but I've been with a # of guys, dating and shit... but nothing serious....I have my own # of side dishes.. I mean I have another issue, but thats coming later... what I do wanna share is, I am superficial and I cant settle for anything less than I deserve...meaning , I may die not experiencing true love at all...

Friday, August 19, 2005

female perfection

gotcha! i actually just want to introduce myself, as i am new to this thing... i used to think that stuff like these are corny and highly dangerous..well it is... but ill take the risk.. I like to think of myself as an organised, obsessive compulsive pretty young lady who thinks highly of herself, but not really as i have insecurities, but if you ask my friends about me, theyll tell you these: superficial, scared ass, perfectionist, exorbitant coy.... BUT hell, i'd settle for anything... I just know my value s a young lady, AND i wont die out of loneliness (as i'd rather be alone..)... I am just a classy lady who has inherent beauty, who likes to tALK in depth about everything, especilly books and current issues, and history too! there's absolutely nothing wrong about acting maturely ( yet sometimes, i can be a kid!) thats all for now... ima create a new one in a couple of days,,, just to share my beauty and brains..tata!